SCM-60-Automatic Feeding Precision Cutting Machine

Automatic Feeding Precision Cutting Machine

Designed in high-precisio construction, this machine can be used to perform full-cut & half-cut fabrication tasks.

Up/down punching travel uses four high-rigidity guide poles, with liner rail designed for the feeding mechanism.

Automatic cutter adjusting mechanism can perform automatic adjustment according to the desired setting, providing 0.01mm accuracy.

High speed mult-axis servo control system, increases efficiency.

High quality CCD positioning system, fast operation and high accuracy.

Powerful, high rigidity cam drive system for high stability.

The machine is equipped with protection device to ensure the safety of the operator and the machine. (with CE optional)


Model SCM-60
Cutting Main Power Servo Motor
Cutting Pressure 30 TONS
Effective Area L*W 1100mm*600mm
Cutting Time 120SPM
Voltage 3-phase220V
Air Pressure Requirement 0.6Mpa
Weight of Main Unit 6000kg