European System Pressure Forming Machine
Forming, Cutting And Stacking All In One Machine
Plastimagen Mexico 2013 Toggle Linkage Drive Technology
High-Speed And Low-Wear,
The Perfect Combination.
Our mechanical system uses Toggle Linkage mechanism and is driven by a servo motor to achieve high-speed control and while at the same time low machinery wear so that you can save on replacement part costs.
In addition, the design of the RMD-800 is more compact than many other market offerings; the cutting force is also uniform and works in unison with the knife mold heating system to make sure that you get that perfect cut every time.
The control system also allows quick and precise depth adjustments of (0.01mm) so that you can be as accurate as your customer’s desire.
FSS System
Simple To Understand, Easy To You,
Intelligent Manufacturing, No Errors!
The system has been designed to be smart and people oriented. Parameters and operational commands setting can be simplified to reduce the amount of possible human errors and machine down time, and maximized machine performance. Our machines make greater production efficiency and greater profit.