CHUDONG - Advanced Plastic Thermoforming Machine Manufacturer
“First in Asia, Globally Renowned Expert in Pressure Forming!”
That is CHUDONG’s Unchanging Goal Since Establishment.
CHUDONG Machinery Co., Ltd. is focused on the research, development and manufacture of pressure forming machinery.

We are born of the passionate pursuit for the ultimate pressure forming technology, and have been the leader since our entry into this field. Using CHUDONG’s cutting technology and R&D experience accumulated over 35 years, CHUDONG is able to provide the market with pressure forming technology and service and can share, cutting and stacking all in one go. We are dedicated to the field of pressure forming, exclusively the manufacturing of pressure forming machinery and equipment for the production of disposable packing for food and beverages.

CHUDONG integrates automatic and smart technologies with pressure forming to develop equipment systems that meet Japanese and European standards, and provide more diverse and flexible pressure forming solutions so that clients can easily meet the quantitative and ever-changing demands of the market.

In the future, CHUDONG will strive towards even smarter and more diverse pressure forming machinery, to truly become the world-renowned expert in pressure forming, and your reliable long-term partner.
Brand Announcement
Chudong Machinery Co., Ltd was founded by general manager, Chester, who dedicated himself to run Chuliing Machinery Col, Ltd with his father in the past 15 years. He developed two thermoforming systems: Continuous Plastic Thermoforming Machine SL-1220A and Lightweight Plastic Thermoforming Machine RMD-800. Besides, by developing dozens of automatic machines, made efforts to expand the market and pursued excellence to sustain the brand value and build a good reputation in a fiercely competitive industry.

In the context of the Chudong Machinery Co., Ltd, “Chu”refers to never forget his original intentions and be thankful to fathers’ cultivation. “Dong”means positioning the company in the east with the goal of becoming the top manufacturer in Asia, devoting himself to build and grow the brand value and making both companies more well known in this industry.

Chudong Machinery Co., Ltd, has a solid team with original core techniques, strong sales force, mechanical development method, mechanical assembly, electronic control units, etc. Chudong will continue to develop new technologies and recruit new employees to serve our customers. In the future, Chudong Machinery Co., Ltd, will deliver our high precision technique and advanced production solutions in 3 types of key machine models, plastic thermoforming machine, servo cutting machines and automatic cutting machines.
The Highest Interpretation in Pursuit of the Best – the Ultimate Peak of Pressure Forming.
Since the beginning, we have been engaged in the ultimate pursuit of machinery performance, and the belief of astounding our clients, which allowed us to start from cutting machinery and develop into Asia’s most iconic pressure forming machinery R&D manufacturer.

We have accumulated rapid and flexible response capability in cutting, pressure forming, and precision laminating for electronic industries. We constantly rework and refine core technologies, and this is the main reason that after we crossed over into the R&D and manufacture of pressure forming machinery that we were able to rise so rapidly in the field and gained reputation.

Technical Technical
Technological Leader, Constantly Upgrading

Faced with the constant changing pressure forming technology, our pressure forming equipment has light and smart design of the cutting in one station pressure forming machinery, and the quick die change of the constantly upgrading post trim pressure forming machinery, so that we can provide the most suitable manufacture system in response to the different market demands. CHUDONG is dedicated to enhancing the core advantages of pressure forming, but going deep into our Fast and Smart System and simplifying the complex parameter and operation setting, thus reducing man-made errors and defective rates. We create integrated pressure forming solutions, producing more refined pressure forming equipment so as to meet market demands.

Quality Quality
Superior Quality, Top Performance

Adhering to high standard of manufacture quality, to create superior machinery with top performance. Using the fast and accurate temperature control system in pressure forming effectively enhance the machines’ adaptability to the raw materials during the manufacture process, achieving the precise market demands for sheet production in terms of quality and thickness, and gaining the reputation of golden 0.5 seconds perfect forming. In terms of cutting technology, an above-par standard in precision, speed and stability is achieved, while on the stacking aspect, the automatic stacking technology and elastic mode will meet your demands in the manufacture process, and all perfectly translate to 100% quantity accuracy, reduced product contamination and errors from start to finish.

Service Service
Listening to Your Needs, Reliable Service

CHUDONG has been promoting instant response services, where our customer service staff, technicians and engineers can rapidly provide the best service to clients around the world. This includes internet contact repair system loaded on the equipment which will instantly respond to your production demands and issues, quickly eliminating issues to ensure smooth manufacture process. We care and support your efforts to creating new manufacture plans or production units, so that you can gain the most from the latest researches.