SL-1220A + SL520:Automatic Plastic Vacuum Compression Thermoforming System

Thermoforming Packaging Machine
SL-1220A + SL520:
Feeding / Plastic Feed System
Feeding / Plastic Feed System
Labor saving via automatic feeding, speedy feeding within 2 minutes

Stability and precision kept under high-speed feeding by hardware of the servomotor-driven feeding drum and Japan-made chain and software of the servo control system.

Long Heating Oven With Segments (Optional)
Long Heating Oven With Segments (Optional)
An independent thermal control over each segment for local thermal regulation and high flexibility is available via ceiling and ground stoves

The standard heating oven 3000 mm long helps thermoforming operated well. The heating device by segments 3-5 is optional for flexibility. The thermal control is precise by installing the ceramic heaters made in Germany to upper and lower stoves.

Thermoforming Mainframe
Thermoforming Mainframe
High-quality thermoforming via cold control with low thermal sensitivity for easy operation

With the clamping power surmounting the industrial standard, CHUDONG not only cuts the material thickness via high thermoforming solidity of finished items but also secures exceptional details and ease of thermoforming.

Human-Machine Interface System
Human-Machine Interface System
Digital and storable parameters of products for easy operation and management

High-precision thermal control system.
Each segment owns its independent thermal control and setting. The yield rate is improved by the precise temperature made up by the SSR PID controller.

Vertical Cutting Machine
Vertical Cutting Machine
Cutting processing of finished items appearances

The SL-520 vertical cutting machine made by CHUDONG blends the mature hydraulic cutting structure design data-base and the prospective innovative concepts. The cutting processing adopts mechanical cam structure for stable and smooth operation. The integrated new-type control model digitalizes all production terms and makes their settings storable for easy operation. This not only alters the operating means that changes all parameters of the machine once the items are changed but also cuts the waste and the production line transfer time.

Servo Automatic Stacking Mechanism
Servo Automatic Stacking Mechanism
Self setting and stacking under diverse output demands

Ample automation / Full automatic production.
CHUDONG has applied automation to each link for full automatic processing from automatic stacking & counting, automatic de-molding and automatic lubrication system to become the benchmark.


Patented High-precision Thermoforming Clamping Mechanism

Precise swift innovative quality stable reliable advanced performance

CHUDONG designed this mechanism in pursuit of high rigidity and high performance as the highest benchmark in the first place and has invested vast R&D resources in the core structural design of thermoforming. The high-pressure thermoforming efficacy is achieved by the 4-point clamping mechanism solely developed by CHUDONG equipped with the powerful robust clamping capability in combination with the 4-pillar high-rigidity thermoforming mainframe structure. Perfect thermoforming must be done in 0.5 seconds after clamping, so precision, stability, performance, and efficiency of mechanical operations do matter the most. The CHUDONG SL series with high-precision mechanisms and high-efficiency control components can make perfect finished items under easy calibration in producing respective materials besides reliable and stable outputs for the maximal effects of our clients.
The high-rigidity body design
The patented 4-point clamping mechanism
QDC System

Machine Display Video

Forming, Cutting and Stacking All in One Machine

  • Internet Control System

    Pressure and
    Vacuum Forming

  • Pressure and Vacuum Forming

    Pre punch

  • Dimension Cutting


  • Automatic Stacking


Your Application

Well Informed About Our Thermoforming Technologies
Rigid Plastic
  • Sushi box
    Sushi box Sushi box
  • Egg box
    Egg box Egg box
  • Strawberry box
    Strawberry box Strawberry box
  • Salad box
    Salad box Salad box
  • Fruit box
    Fruit box Fruit box
  • Vegetable box
    Vegetable box Vegetable box
Foamed Plastic
  • Takeout box
    Takeout box Takeout box
  • Instant noodle bowl
    Instant noodle bowl Instant noodle bowl
  • Lunch box
    Lunch box Lunch box

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