To Match the Best in Their Strengths & Outperform Them Everywhere Else.

It is a physical law that when you shake a basket full of apples, the large ones rise to the top. We can identify with that.
Every. Single. Day.

And although we are not the largest apple in the orchard; We are certainly making our way to the top of the basket.
Because you see, it’s the shaking that moves us upwards.

It is the constant pressure that we give ourselves to be as good as the best. And the need for you to be competitive.
Without cutting corners. While maintaining what makes us special, and unique.

As a thermoforming system manufacturer & supplier, CHUDONG may be the biggest apple in Asia.
And we supply the world with a choice of systems. From thermoforming to the servo and hydraulic cutting.
And we may offer flexibility in our systems at the highest standards of quality. Without ever compromising.
But we need that basket to be shaken a little more. Because we rise to the top. That’s what big apples do.

CHUDONG. Why compromise?

CHUDONG Plastic Container Making Machine Manufacturer

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