SLG-520High Speed Model of Vertical Trimming Press


High torque cam drive mechanism:

Precision processed machine bed offers high accuracy and powerful cutting torque.

Servo feed system:

Servomotor driven steel feed roller offers precision positioning.

Automatic stack/count function:

Based on quantity setting, automated stacking and discharge functions effectively reduce manpower consumption.

Automatic mold release device:

Servo-driven mechanism ensures fine-tuning position and speed of mold release.

HMI system:

Offers direct parameter setting of 99 functions in the memory.

Waste-reel device:

Waste material is automatically reeled, for subsequent chipping on completion of reeling.

Automatic lubrication system:

Automatic oil feed for slide parts, totally eliminating part failure resulting from insufficient lubrication.

HMI system:

Latest model Siemens control system offers user-friendly operation interface and powerful functionality.

Alignment mechanism of innovative material:

No wrench or spanner required for adjusting material width; fine-tuning achieved quickly and easily.

Waste reeling and chipping machine:

Directly chips waste material, saving space for waste storage as well as manpower for waste material handing.

Photo-sensor tracing function:

Detects material position for carrying out trans-mold hole punch.

Universal voltage:

Any voltage is available when specified in advance.

CE Certificate.


Model SLG-520
Max. Cutting Dimensions 1000 × 320 mm
Max. Material Height 150 mm
Max. Cutting Speed 100 spm
Cutting capacity 8 tons
Machine weight about 7500 kg