CHUDONG Machines Meeting European Government Guidelines, Now Have Demand In China

Recently there has been a greater demand in the east, for European standard machinery and a smaller number of diversified production lines. In response to this requirement. The CHUDONG RMD-800 was developed and it has been an instant success, as now companies who want to product top quality thermoformed goods, don’t have to pay a premium for European brand name machinery. This type of machine is already common in European markets and brings the reputation of CHUDONG to even greater heights.

In March 2018, CHUDONG shipped the RMD-800 to China. The lightweight body of the machine is a bonus and helps to facilitate the production line planning of the factory; the quick and easy mold changing system allows quick production of a smaller amount of products. Cutting out the time costs that used to be involved with other machinery.  After this smooth and successful installation and as Chinese consumers become more particular in their quality demands, we believe that there will be a greater need in the future for high quality CHUDONG products throughout China and the rest of the world.

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