CHUDONG Installs Our
Plastic thermoforming machine continuous SL-1220A in Mexico
After returning from Chile, in January 2018, CHUDONG then got a repeat order from our old Mexican customer to provide them with another machine. This led us to immediately head to Mexico to install Plastic thermoforming machine continuous type SL-1220A meeting the dual needs of our customer to provide product excellence and expand production capacity. This machine is equipped with a "3rd motion" mechanism, which provides superior tube outer layer, box body molding, deeper groove forming, and producing products with greater depth and capacity. These new features were immediately welcomed by the market. The high rigidity of the frame and four-column structure, help with mold positioning meaning that each product has a stable quality and is highly reproducible, with the added bonus of low production noise, it’s a groundbreaking machine. It is equipped with four internal systems, including a servo chain feeding system, a high-precision temperature control system, an upper and lower heating furnace system, and an automatic lubrication system, which directly enhances and controls the precision of product molding and prolongs the service life of the machine.
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