A major player in the fruit export market, Chile introduces
Plastic thermoforming machine continuous SL-1220A
Chile exports huge amounts of fruit every year. This means that the demand for plastic fruit boxes continually rises and as consumers around the world are more particular with their demands, the importance of the firmness and thickness of the box body is of ever increasing importance. In early 2017, CHUDONG received an inquiry from Chile. After learning more about the customer’s needs, CHUDONG’s business team, conducted a cost-benefit analysis and recommended the model that would be most beneficial to them. Finally, the customer decided to purchase the latest Plastic thermoforming machine continuous type of (SL-1220A). This machine can supply them with all of their fruit packaging needs. In December 2017, our team of engineers and technicians went to the customer's factory in Chile to install the machine and guide them through the initial stages of learning about the machine. Such as operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of each client station.
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